Sunday, May 3, 2009

White Gold Rush in Clil

After our weekend workshop and ceremony in Yavnee’l  was completed we were picked up by our new driver Mufid who would be carrying us and Grandmother Drum over the hills to the Kibbutz Inbar where next weekend we will conduct the opening ceremonies for the Janana Festival.  Each site that hosts us sends ahead the truck to haul the trailer with the Grandmother Drum and bring our crew of  three (John, Tymoreye’ and I ) to our next location while our Israel host Dvora follows behind in her small car  named“ Rita”. We will be opening the three-day world drumming and dance festival uniting  over three hundred drummers in the heartbeat of Oneness.

Located at the top one of the beautiful rolling hills of the valley, Kibbutz Inbar was a perfect setting to send out Grandmother’s healing vibration through the valley known to be the most fertile farmland in Israel. After settling Grandmother Drum near the staging area, we headed further north with Dvora in her car to first spend  a few days of rest and renewal at her quaint farm in Clil. Her wooden home set on seven acres of fruit, herb and vegetable gardens reminded us of so much of homesteads in Alaska. Homes made of wood are unusual in Israel and Egypt. Due to the extreme heat of summers, most people build their homes of stone and concrete.

Eating fresh fruit of loquats, strawberries and lemons off the trees, harvesting fresh herbs and vegetables for dinner each night and viewing the Mediterranean from this hillside allowed us to breath deeply and drink in the quiet stillness of this land.

After a few days of rest we met about our upcoming Israel Tour Schedule and all the recent invitations that continue to request our work. Living on the farm

 with Dvora is her son Hanaan and friend Yael. Yael would be helping organize a weekend in Clil in June so we decided to all meet.  We decided to do a group Spirit Walk Sessions with the Grandmothers and Grandfathers  so we could get their guidance on the upcoming medicine work. What was given to us in the next two hours with Grandfather Sheyba was a deepening of the message received  from him during our weekend in Yavnee’l.

He talked about the importance of activating three main locations in Israel. He spoke about energetically opening all gates of the Holy City and asked Dvora if she knew  how many gates there really were. He gave details about  activating  the Old City of Jerusalem at least three times   Since Dvora has done peace work in the Holy City for over ten years, she asked him more detailed questions about the instructions.   He told her of  the nine gates into the Holy City and he particularly wanted us to energetically open the now closed Eastern Gate, known as the Gate of Mercy to the Hebrews and to the Christians as the Golden Gate. The word Mercy in Hebrew is Ra Hamim. The meaning of the word translates into womb(s), or the smell or spirit of water. This is another powerful message and confirms the guidance of  our 2008 and 2009 Living Water World Tours as well as the Grandmother's coursework focused on the purification of our emotions, of the earth’s waters and opening the birth waters of a new humanity. Everything is making now making more sense. Then Dvora tells us the story of the Eastern Gate from the Old Testament which confirms this work even more.

The Eastern Gate  was closed a thousand years ago by a Muslim ruler who was advised that in the Old and New Testament it is written that the Jewish Messiah will come into the Old City from the Mt. of Olives, riding on a donkey through the Eastern Gate and he will bring the thousand years of peace. It was understood that it would be a Jewish Messiah.  When this would happen, water would begin to flow for the first time from under the Temple Mount. (the Temple Mount is built over the original site of Solomon’s Temple where the Ark of the Covenant  is said to have been housed). To prevent this from happening , the Muslim ruler sealed these gates. A mosque was then built on the inside of the gate and a cemetery was built on the outside. The Eastern Gate is closed to this day. 

Then Dvora shares with us her deeper understanding of Jerusalem.

“Just like the heart has four quarters or chambers so does the Holy City. Whenever we look at the Holy City of Jer

usalem we see it as the microcosm reflected in the heart of the whole of the world. The Gates are like the arteries and veins of the heart. The main gate, the Eastern Gate, the Gates of Mercy are now closed and blocked. The Eastern gate represents the male and it also represents all the connection of the East to the West. So with it blocked or closed, there is not a good flow between the East and West between the Male aspect of the Global Heart and the Female Aspect. Opening the Gates of Mercy then, is a message to the world to open the gateway  for the flow of world peace. “

Now with all the additional information from Grandfather Sheyba, we begin the plans for at least three activations of Grandmother Drum around the Holy City, including a ceremony at the area of the Eastern Gate .

In addition, Grandfather Sheyba spoke more about the new food, the manna recipe he gave us in Yavnee’l and how this must be taken to feed the new Light Body.  He kept speaking about the manna and the Ark of the Covenant. Now I was filled with even more questions.

What was the Ark of the Covenant really?  How come the Bible speaks about the Ark emitting a “Fire of God?” What is this Light? What role did sound and vibration play in the coming down of the Walls of Jericho? What does Grandmother Drum have to do with all of this and why were we  brought here to sound the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem near the Temple Mount? And what about the miraculous stories of this mysterious white powder of manna linked to levitation, teleportation and communication with God? How is that connected to the Ark of the Covenant and the Messiah?

So after the session. I hopped on the Internet and began googling to see if I could find some links. To my utter amazement,  I was brought immediately  to a one and a half hour video that would put together the answers to all my questions and all the channeled information I had received from the Grandmothers and Grandfathers for the last ten years!!!  Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark video shows author Lawrence Gardner sharing the documented research of his recent book of the same title.  The recent ( in the last  five years) rediscovery of  the power of monatomic gold or white powder gold known as manna in the Bible, Mufkzt to the Egyptian Pharaohs and the Philosophers Stone to the Greek alchemists will change our reality of life on earth forever.  After watching this film I am utterly speechless and in tears.  The potential of this is staggering and shatters everything we have known up until now. Get ready for revelation beyond revelation as the truths of how, in our lifetime, humanity on earth will travel far beyond all of the science fiction movies of this era!

This is Indiana Jane speaking to you on the trail of the Lightworkers ….Clil, Israel.



  1. Shalom, It's Monday morning here in the states, but I am transported the the Holy Land by your exquisite tales by Indiana Jane. Wow I am spell bound by the unfolding of Jane's new life in Israel. One magical event after another. The Grandmothers certainly have big plans for that drum. Love and Blessings Sage Woman

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