Sunday, May 17, 2009

All Jobs in the Qadima Forest

On May 14, 2009 the staff of All JOBS, the largest employment firm in Israel, gathered in the forest of Qadima for a special private Prayerformance with Grandmother Drum. White Eagle, Tymoreye and John were welcomed by All Jobs Director, Revital Hendler who has been instrumental in supporting the Grandmother Drum's 2009 Israel Tour.  Since the Grandmother Drum was a surprise for the staff, everyone opened the crate together and welcomed the gift for the celebration...Grandmother Drum.

I shared with the staff how important it is at this unprecedented time that we support people in finding the work that they truly love. If everyone did only the work they loved, the world would transform overnight! Grandmother Drum brought to them the potent power of  heart in remembering to live the life you love. Over eighty staff danced and sang as the sun went down in the Qadima Forest. I am thrilled when someone takes the microphone and leads the group with Hebrew songs. I have learned a few now and I am determined to learn at least six Hebrew songs before we leave Israel. Thanks again to Revital and Alex for all the work it took in bringing us all together!

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