Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yavnee’l, Israel: Building the Temple Within

We just completed two full days of workshops here in the north of Israel, in a small farming community of Yavnee’l. Joining us were peace workers, healers and spiritual seekers.

There was a woman from France who now wants to bring Grandmother Drum to France. Another woman is from Germany and does peace work in Jerusalem bringing together Jews, Germans and Palestinians…Wow. Now this is truly a healing triangle. Another woman is from Switzerland. As everyone speaks English as a second language, it was good that the Grandmother Drum could speak to everyone in their Mother Tongue…. the heartbeat!

The first day were welcomed by our host Dorit Bat Shalom and held ceremony at her Center for Sacred Arts and Healing perched on the hillside overlooking the patchwork landscape.  In the dry heat, Grandmother Drum played her deep, resonate heartbeat over the valley activating the recently planted fields below. It was a day of journeying with the heartbeat, healing circles and chanting sacred music until our hearts overflowed.

 On the second day, we shared some Rainbow Fire Medicine Wheel Teachings. We had a group Spirit Walk session and received guidance from the Grandfather Sheyba, talking with us about the new manna of the Israelites and eating this new manna to maintain the Golden Orb of our awakening. The recipe was given in detail, which included gold, (monatomic and white powder) frankincense and Myrrh, Palladium and a tree root that was called the Sieb tree. These are made into “ cakes” and eaten as super food to feed the luminous body and to maintain the Golden Orb (Halo).

 We were also taught to use clear quartz crystal to superconduct our drinking water so that it will once again be alive. He also taught us about a new cleanse for the body.

There was a tremendous amount of healing and insight gained for many people here who are still experiencing PTSD from the holocaust to the more recent wars and bombing. It’s such a delicate place in the heart to be working and I feel tremendously humbled by the people’s intense passion and courage to heal and to plant peace where fear once lived.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Grandmother Drum to Be Built in Israel 2010

An Israeli women named Shany came to us for a Spirit Walk session with us a few days ago having visions and dreams regarding a large drum being built in Israel. This was the third woman who proposed their recent visions to us of the making of a Grandmother Drum that would stay in Israel.  Now being the third time, I decided it was time for me to share the original instructions of the three Mayan Grandmothers, Ana Maya, Cheeanea, and Chenoa who came to

 me in a dream in 1999 to begin building Grandmother Drum. They told me back then that eventually there would be a Grandmother Drum on every continent. At the time I could not even comprehend this idea as I was just completing a yearlong process building Grandmother Drum in a small tipi in Chickaloon Alaska, and the spiritual and physical responsibility of bringing this enormous medicine drum around the world was totally encompassing my every waking moment. That prophecy, I was convinced, must be speaking to a time far into the future.

But now, 10 years and 150,000 miles of touring later, we sit in a living room outside the Holy City of Jerusalem. Tymoreye' assists me as the three of us enter prayer and intention for guidance from the Grandmothers on the timing of this message. As I enter into the trance like state of the session, Grandmother Ana Maya comes to visit us and begins to give us the full detailed instructions of a new Grandmother Drum to be built in Israel.

The two hours of her transmission was packed with details. From a ceremony of preparation to be held in the north at the Sea of Galilee, to the nine women instructed to be AS ONE core Drum Keeper. She spoke of how the Grandmother Drum as well of the new Israel Drum with the crystal inlaid matrix produces a perfect Arc of Sound between the heart, inner ears and third eye to resonant the Cosmic Tone of Oneness of Spiritual Illumination. The information she gives details how this new Israel drum will be used to bring healing and harmony to the three main religious groups in Israel and that this will be done through working specifically with the children of Israel. They spoke of a second group of nine women that will encircle the first group of Drum keepers and these will be made of Palestinian, Bedouin and Egyptian women.

At the close of the session we realized this vision was given on April 22nd, Earth Day. We were also amazed when Shany told us her name in Hebrew means the color scarlet and also referred to the color of the robes worn by the priests that guarded the Temple where the Arc of the Covenant was originally kept!

Now this immediately made Tymoreye' and I drop our chins in amazement.  ( The theme from Twlight Zone plays in the background of our heads). We thought back immediately to the March 2008 History Channel Special on TV that we happened upon watching in a hotel one night while on tour last year in the US. The Lost Arc documentary film was about a man named Parfitt in the 1980s who lived with a Southern African clan called the Lemba, who claimed to be a lost tribe of Israel. Colleagues laughed at him for backing the claim; in 1999, a genetic marker specific to descendents of Judaism's Temple priests (cohens) was found to appear as frequently among the Lemba's priestly cast as in Jews named Cohen. The Lemba — and Parfitt — made global news. ( This is the same year, by the way, that the Grandmothers came to me in dream guiding me to begin building Grandmother Drum).

Parfitt started wondering about another aspect o

f the Lemba's now-credible oral history: a drumlike object called the ngoma lungundu. The ngoma, according to the Lemba, was near-divine, used to store ritual objects, and borne on poles inserted into rings. It was too holy to touch the ground or to be touched by non-priests, and it emitted a "Fire of God" that killed enemies and, occasionally, Lemba. A Lemba elder told Parfitt, "[It] came from the temple in Jerusalem. We carried it down here through Africa."(For more details on Parfitts theory go to the TIME article

 at:,8599,1715337,00.html or order the Lost Arc History Channel show on DVD and watch it.)

What is so very interesting about the film is that the Ngoma lungundu, claimed in the film to possibly be the Lost Arc of the Covenant is shaped exactly like the Grandmother Drum. It is a wooden kettle shaped drum that was carried on poles.

Is the Arc now returning to the Temple Mount? Does the sacred sound of the crystal inlaid Grandmother Drum really produce a perfect Arc of the Cosmic Tone of the “ near –divine?” Could this women Shany be a direct descendant of the original priests that guarded the Arc? And what should we make of the synchronicity that now, hundreds of generations later she receives a vision to build a large kettle shaped drum for Israel?

For now we keep our hearts and minds open in deep gratitude for this meeting with Shany, and just allow Grandmother Drum’s voice to answer these questions directly to the people.

In the meantime, this is Indiana Jane signing off ….

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

White Eagle meets Eyal of Kind David Peace Drummers

April 21, 2009

Yesterday we had the wonderful chance to meet with Eyal of King David Peace Drummers Army.
Eyal and his group have conducted peace drumming circles through the world and have travel as extensively as the Grandmother Drum Project in their mission. We enjoyed sharing stories of blossoming hearts through drumming and our life on the road. ( we have both traveled about 150,000 miles of the earth spreading the heartbeat) We laughed as we exchanged names of other drummers for peace people we both knew throughout the world. There are now thousands of us who understand that the first Song of the New Earth, the first note of the Thousand Years of Peace will be sounded by a worldwide wave of the heartbeat of the drum, alignment us with the heart of our true Divine destiny. LOVE

Eyal works with religious and political groups of all kinds, from the Dalai Lama to the Israel's Prime Minister, bringing all political and religious groups together under what he calls" the heartbeat of the first man."

We are extremely excited about collaboarting our work together during the Grandmother Drum's 2009 Israel Tour, performing together at the upcoming April 30- May 2, 2009 Janana Festival of world music
and preparing for uniting hearts at the Hug Around Jerusalem
for all faiths to encircle the Holy City in peace together on June 21, 2009.

Eyal and the King David Drummers will be in the USA for a two week tour in May. . Check out their website for details!

Grandmother Drum Ensemble Visits the Holy City

April 20 and 21, 2009.

We had two full days walking the Old City of Jerusalem to get a feel for the work we will be doing here in June. We stepped through time in the foot prints of Christ and into countless sacred sites of so many of the world's major religious groups. You can enter the Old City through the gates of the Christian, Hebrew, Muslim, and Armenian and each quarter of the city is a world rich with meaning for each. Shops, culture, foods and religious ceremonies are ongoing on held with passion and purpose.

We wanted to visit a new sculpture, said to have just arrived from Poland a few weeks ago. For the first time ever in the Holy City, a sculpture of the Black Madonna has been placed in a small chapel between the third and fourth Station of the Cross in the Christian section of the Holy City. She arrived just two weeks ago and is the first time that the Vatican has allowed a stature of her in any Catholic Church and the first time making any acknowledgement of the Black Madonna and her universal healing power.
This was by far one of the most profound art pieces I have ever sat before. It is transpersonal and truly depicts the Light Body of the Divine Heavenly Mother.

It actually cannot really be described, it has to be experienced as it is truly not a sculpture as we might understand. It is a modern day art piece made of crystals, glass and various metals and it radiates a rainbow light from all directions. We were even more moved to see the room filled with two nuns and a priest kneeling before it in deep devotion. This is truly a transformation of the framework of the church and was deeply moving to witness this image not only being visited but deeply revered.

We also visited the church of Santa Annna, St. Anne, Mother of Mary and birthplace of Mary. The church was filled with a clear emptiness,like a womb of pure potential. The stonework and circular nature allowed for amazing sound reverberation and we sat and chanted experiencing a deep state of inner peace.
Later we visited the Jewish Western Wall ( of the Original Solomons Temple) to honor the Divine Presence and to send continued prayers of healing for the Jewish people as today is Holocaust Remberance Day and there are countless ceremonies going on throughout the country to honor family, continue the long raod of healing and to make a deep commitment that this atrocity never happen to any people on earth again.

We are experiencing so much energetically from the land and the people here. Every inch of this land is packed with memory and meaning. We are honored to bring Grandmother Drum as a messenger of the strength of the heartbeat to empower us all in our spiritual evolution toward a true compassion and the Grace of the Heavenly Mother.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Grandmother Drum Arrives in the Holy Land

Our April 3, 2009 Israel Tou
r staff, White Eagle, Tymoreye Elliot and John Peck arrived in Tel Aviv after 24 hrs of flights and were welcomed by our wonderful Israel Tour Coordinators Dvora Pearlman, Timna El Sharon and Norga Yerushalmi. After a few days of rest, we awaited Grandmother Drum’s arrival. Apparently she was delayed, hung up in freight in Cologne Germany. Our host Dvora Pearlman was getting a bit nervous as we had our first festival to perform at by the coming weekend. She called the freight service in Germany. We could not help but think Grandmother Drum had decided to do her own healing work with the people of Germany on the way to Israel. Finally on April 8, 2009 GrandMother Drum landed in Tel Aviv, Israel while making additional airfreight stopovers in Copenhagen, Denmark and Istanbul Turkey! April 8, 2009 in Israel is Birkat HaChama - The SUN BLESSING that happens every 28 years. Once every 28 years, the Sun returns to the position it occupied when it was created at the beginning of the fourth day of creation. The SUN BLESSING is an auspicious time to plant seeds for a better future, to THANK our Creator, who provided us with this vital and crucial source. Grandmother Drum arrives in Israel aligned with this sacred New Sun and at the beginning day of Passover!

Her plane landed just an hour before the holiday of Passover was to begin and the freight and custom offices would be closed for the week. Our custom’s officer was ready to head home for the holidays when we arrived at his office. At first he was not very happy that we did not have a carnet (specific passport paperwork for the drum) and that the office was about to close. In the first few minutes of our interaction, the officer looked at me frustrated and said, “ You people worship God, I worship money.” In my silence, I saw his pain and frustration and we just remained in silence sending him our love.I then wondered why the Grandmothers specifically told me not to purchase these carnet papers for the drum. It would be revealed over the next two days the magic that they were just beginning to brew for us. So without the carnet paperwork, Israel customs required of us an $8,000 deposit to assure that the drum was only a temporary import. Our small Israel host staff did not have this kind of money nor did we. Due to the holidays, the banks were now closed for the next two days. We were sent back to our Hosts Timna and Norga without Grandmother Drum. 

In the next two  days our whole team got creative.

We held a session with the Grandmothers and Grandfathers with 30 women and men to receive more guidance. An Israeli woman came forward who had met us in Israel last year during our film premiere in Tel Aviv and wanted to support our work. Her business “All Jobs”stepped forward to put down the temporary $8,000 USD deposit so that the Grandmother Drum could be released to us and we could still make it in time for our first festival in the south of Israel. Our Israel crew was ecstatic! We knew the Grandmothers were doing there routine magic!
And there would be much more….

Our custom officer also had begun to melt in the presence of the love our team kept exuding to him. By the end of the customs inspection, the officer was smiling and wanting to bring his wife to our Prayerformance so that she might receive some healing. He told us how she had PTSD from some violence that she witnessed and had a lot of anxiety. What happened in those two days at the customs office we cannot even describe in words. It was truly remarkable! This same officer is now offering to help us when we ship Grandmother Drum back home at the end of the tour to make all paperwork go smooth!

Our Hosts Timna and Norga had already arranged a special trailer to be welded for Grandmother Drum. The trailer was pulled by a deluxe van and on April 10ththe six of us headed five hours south to the Zorba Festival where nearly 2,000 people gathered in the desert for sacred music, meditations, and healing workshops.

On Sunday morning Grandmother Drum was blest by the local Elders. The community welcomed her with hands clapping to a Hebrew chant as Grandmother Drum was lifted from the crate and off the trailer touching the soil of the desert in Israel for the first time. In the wonderful desert heat, Grandmother Drum exuded a thunderous heartbeat to the Israeli people and could be heard for miles as the land and people welcomed her healing into their hearts and their lives. It was truly the fulfillment of a instructions and prophecy the Grandmothers had given us in the very beginning of the project in 1999 bringing the Grandmother Drum to the Holy Lands. Ten years later, we are here!

The Grandmothers and Grandfathers continued to guide our specific medicine work as we meet with medicine people, healers and peace workers in both the south, center and north of Israel. We are in awe by the courage and strength of these people to heal and unite.

2009 Grandmother Drum Mayim H'ayim Tour, Israel