Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jerusalem Hug and LIVE H20 Weekend!

The Heartbeat of Love Drum Wave with Grandmother Drum and crystal bowls set the global 528  pulse at 4pm Israel time under the hot sun at the Jaffa Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem joined by over 30 venues worldwide. I welcomed thousands around the world through Livestream TV. Grandmother Drum was encircled by hundreds holding hands including Israelis, Egyptians, Palestinians, Americans, Canadians, Japanese, Russians, Africans and countless family from all over Europe ( to name a few!). All in all we had between 500 people who joined in the Jerusalem events. In our " Hug Around Jerusalem" ( ) people made a huge chain holding hands for unity and peace of all nations, religions and cultures from the Jaffa gate all the way to the Damacus Gate of the Old City. Later that evening, I saw several Israeli women crying with overwhelming joy as they watched Palestinians and Israeli youth join together to drum and dance and celebrate ( you have to understand how monumental this is!). The Global Prayer for the Living Waters was said by all in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
The response all night long was that participants felt so much love, gratitude and warmth from each other and all facilitators. Everyone sang and played Grandmother Drum singing Hebrew, Arabic, African and  Native American chants until midnight!  Our team all gave huge amounts of  time and dedication to make it a huge success. ( Special thanks to Shai, Amit, Dvora, Rob, Eliana, Helen,  and many more more.)
We are so over the top grateful and in love with one another!!! This event of coming together in The Jerusalem Hug as lovers of the Holy City with the Heartbeat of Grandmother Drum to activate the Living Waters of one of THE MOST POWERFUL PORTALS in the WORLD ( The HOLY OF HOLIES FOUNDATION STONE) was beyond beyond!  

We even had coverage from the Associated Press and local Israeli TV and newspapers. And to top it off we had wonderful hugs and support from the Police and Municipality! 
WE ALL DID THIS WITH ONE THING.............. LOVE AND GRATITUDE. (Its definitely contagious!)
To read the newspaper article in Hebrew go to:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nine Pointed Star Over Galilee

On June 5-6, 2009 we held a special Nine Pointed Star Portal Ceremony at the shores of the Sea of Galilee with 25 of our Israeli family. Grandmother Drum was in rare form and our portal was held through a series of activations with Grandmother Drum over the two amazing days. After each wave, our hearts were washed clean.

 We had found the correct location from messages we received from the Grandmother and Grandfathers. I even found my first eagle feather in Israel there, a very, very rare find indeed. It was a Golden Eagle feather, to symbolize the Golden Cord into the Nine Pointed Star!

As we continued to work with the tour’s theme of LIVE WATER, we were all laughing and joking, as the tissue box became the main talking stick of the weekend. With the help of Grandmother Drum and the waters of the Galilee our hearts were pouring open. We were praying to bring more waters into the Sea of Galilee and to bring the rains to green the desert. The Grandmothers told us when the hearts of the Israeli’s open it will green the desert and raise the waters of Mercy and Grace. Well the flood in our hearts and eyes had started! 

As our ceremonies began we blessed each other with the waters from the Micvie in Jerusalem that I was given just a few weeks prior. We washed and blest each other in the three Hara’s of the navel, the heart and the third eye. Then we laid under Grandmother Drum for a journey through the 22 chakras of the Light Body to our Divine Godhood. We opened to our Higher Purpose that we came to earth to ground it through these ceremonies into the portal, the Earth Star under our feet.

In the evening, after the heat of the day, we began our sacred Nine Pointed Star Portal.

 In this medicine dance, people danced back and forth to Grandmother Drum and reconnected themselves to the core of the earth through the sacred portal rock on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee. The north shore of the Galilee is known Biblically as where many of the miracles of Jesus occurred including the miracle of the loaves and fishes,The Sermon on the Mount, the Mt of Beatitudes (blessed are the peacemakers etc) and where Christ walked on the water.  The actual portal vortex is located underneath a rock well known in the Bible. It was this rock that Christ said to Peter, “ on this Rock, I will build my church.”

 We realized that this rock was over some kind of vortex of water, much like the Foundation Stone in Jerusalem. We were beginning to understand the instructions we received before this tour to activate three vortexes in Israel. One vortex was here in the north of the Galilee, the other being the "Holy of Holies"in Jerusalem and the third one in the south in the desert near Timna.

As the moon grew full over our heads, our ceremony went late into the evening hours. Many souls crossed through our portal as this location had also been the area of the Six Day War in 1973.  A special ceremonial staff was used, given to me by a group of Israeli women peace workers. The staff had been carried into peace work in Israel for the last thirty years. Recently they received the message that a peace worker from oversees would be coming to Israel to open the Heart of Israel. The group presented the staff to me upon my first week here in Israel and now we used it to ground ourselves to the portal and open the Living Waters of Mercy into the hearts of Israel.

The following morning we continued with talking circles and more drumming. People from the campground area where we stayed were coming around us now. When a group asked to join us, a few members of our group did not hear them over the drumming and a misunderstanding took place. A man named Jeffrey, walked over to our circle very anger, thinking we were not aligned to the meaning of Shalom and were not including all as one and so he started to scream and yell. He grabbed a drumstick and began smashing on Grandmother Drum, yelling and screaming and cursing. Our group, men and woman alike, were shocked, but well prepared as we were deeply unified in the heart. Though he even pushed me and John and a few others, we all remained silent and enveloped him in our love. After he vented his anger he stormed off. Our group felt the shock waves for a while as this brought up memories of war and violence in Israel for several women. We held a circle to share the teachings we had just received from Jeffrey. As the heat rose to midday, we decided to do a healing ceremony in the Sea of Galilee with two amazing crystal bowls. As we floated in the cool water, toning and saying the Living Waters Global Prayer, we saw that Jeffrey was also swimming nearby, trying to cool himself down after the rage he displayed in our circle. With him was a beautiful painted horse. Because of the heat, he was also cooling the horse down in the Sea of Galilee. We could tell he was walking towards us in the water and wanted to be part of our ceremony and somehow to reconcile with us. Slowly he drifted over to our large circle holding hands. As he neared, I opened the circle and reached out my hand to him. I kissed his hand, he, trembling, kissed mine back. He was now enveloped in the healing of our group. Some of the women that had been activated by him earlier came over to pet his horse. No words were said and yet the healing for everyone was phenomenal. Later as we went back into the grass gazebo for our afternoon circle, Jeffrey came walking up to gift our group, a large watermelon in his hands. We all received it and him with gratitude.  

The afternoon was filled with more song, sharing and Ho'oponopono ceremony. We were even serenaded by one of our participants, Carlie Fairburn, a beautiful singing songwriter from Australia. She reminded me so much of my 2002/2003 Australia Tour Coordinator Amrahla North who died in 2003 from a snakebite. The day Amrahla died, another well-known Aboriginal Elder, Auntie Alice Kelly, also died. Auntie Alice had told me of when I would return to Australia. “ I will sing you back,” she said. That afternoon, Carlie decided to sing for me the only Aboriginal Chant she knew. I began to weep, knowing this was my portal moment. The chant was the very one Amrahla had taught me that I had forgotten. After six years I might now be being called back to Australia. As I looked in my hands at the new staff given to me, it has three branches; one with an eagle painted on it and the other branch with a snake and the third is a mounted antler. The message of the healing caduceus shows itself again, the awakening of the kundalini and the flight of the spirit. 

The moon was now full over the Galilee. To close the ceremony we brought the Grandmother Drum to the exact location of where seven underground ancient springs meet the Galilee next to St Peters Rock.  We took video here and were in awe to see what appeared on the screen. Look for the Pyramid of Light, The Star of David, the red triangle turning into a face, an angel and others that appeared. This video is as is taken with a cheap Sony 800x. Check it out!

After the weekend Portal Ceremony we were told two amazing synchronicities. From a recent drilling project, a pristine reservoir north of the Sea of Galilee had just been found that weekend. This water is now going to be pumped into the Sea of Galilee to raise the water level! Another river in the north, that has been dry for a number of years, just started to run that weekend. Aho! Miracles are always part of Indiana Jane’s adventures! 

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