Friday, May 8, 2009

In the Olive Trees of Peace

On May 7, 2009 we made our way on the road again, this time to the oldest settlement in Israel, Nahalal.  Compared to most

 of our world tours, the travel here between communities seems minimal as the country is only 800 kilometers in length.  Israeli’s are stunned when we tell them we are from Alaska and that it’s so big it could fit 73 Israelis in it! Oh vey!

We met our hosts, Rhonda Joy Eagle and her friends Varda and Yoav place who have an amazing garden named " soil and Soul" with over 600 medicine plants.  Tonight we would host a special ceremonial Prayerformance between two olive trees holding a sacred stone circle of power.

The garden is built in the shape of a human man and has seven chakra of gardens. Tonight Grandmother Drum would activate the Base Chakra (feet) of the gardens, opening a new vibration of our luminous body into the body of Israel.

Varda reminded me of the Old Testament story of how the olive branch in the mouth of the dove became the symbol of peace for Israel and the world. It’s the story of Noah and the flood and how Noah sends the white dove out to see if there was land anywhere.  The dove returns the first time with nothing. He sends the dove a second time in another direction and again the dove returns with nothing. The third time the dove is released, it returns with an olive branch in its mouth. It told Noah there was a new land to begin their new life. Somehow this seems so symbolic. I reflect on how, even now, Grandmother Morning Dove is whispering to us from this place too.

At 6pm, Yoav  towed Grandmother Drum ‘s trailer to the gardens with his John Deere tractor. Sixty passionate family gathered for an evening of ceremony, prayer, healing and renewal. I love watching their faces of the Israelis, especially the children as we opened the crate and they get to unwrap the love present of Grandmother Drum.  We have been telling the Israeli people that the whole world is watching Israel and that we were brought here with Grandmother Drum to assist in strengthen them on the path of heart to usher the world into the thousand years of peace.

After a month of ceremonies its becoming tradition here for the Israelis to sing

 Grandmother Drum out of her crate, off the trailer and onto the land with a Hebrew Rainbow Tribe song.  I love singing it with them again and again watching as they sing it louder and louder, clapping their hands and lifting Grandmother Drum over their heads and onto this Holy Land. Some people even commented at the last festival (without knowing about our research)  that when they carried Grandmother Drum that they felt like they were carrying the Ark of the Covenant! As the nearly full moon shines through the draping olive branches,

  I have a  intense moment of heighten awareness and get “Spirit Chills.”   I know deep within me that somehow what we are creating together here in Israel with Grandmother Drum’s pure crystal tone on these sacred sites is something so spiritually momentous. After eight years of touring across the world, the journey here seems a palatable turning point.  We seem to be making the shift now from the Hopi prophesized time of Purification or Biblical Tribulation into Revelations, the spiritual awakening of a Divine Humanity.  Or maybe its just what’s happened within me over these years. Suddenly, I am whisked back to the moment by the song and I join in passionately.

Adama Veshamaim  (earth and sky)                                                                        

Ch’om Haesh Tzlil Hamain      (the heat of the fire, the sounds of the waters)                    

Ani Margish Zot Begufi            ( I feel this in my body)                                                              

Beruhi Benishmati                        (spirit and soul)

Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Ho                                                           

Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Ho       

Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Ho

During the ceremony we gifted Yoav and Varda a medicine bundle of blue corn seed given to us by the Maya during our extensive 2007 Eagle and Jaguar Tour from Alaska to Guatemala.  As we take our first steps of our luminous bodies from the base chakra of this Garden of Eden, we are told by the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the importance of pure super foods to feed the Light Body. We shared how important corn is to our indigenous peoples and how on the 2007 tour we worked to preserve this original seed corn from the threats of genetic modification (GMO).  On that tour we were able to bring the original seed from both the Tarahumara tribe of Mexico and the Maya of Central America to be preserved with three major seed banks in America and Canada.

The evening in the olive grove culminated with everyone joining in their own verses of the Gratitude Song. Some women and men made very ethereal sounds and it as if they were channeling the very voices of the garden divas. The night ended with our group smiling widely in a divine drunkenness  (what I have repeatedly termed as that “Grandmother Drum Glow.”) The Israeli’s then led us in an encore of sacred Hebrew chants.  Tonight we are one in the Garden of Eden. Toda, Toda, Toda raba ( thank you, thank you, thank you very much!) Lila Tov (good night).

On May 9, 2oo9 we shared a one day workshops with sound, breath and medicine wheel teachings to strengthen the Light Shield of the Heart. Thanks to our hosts for a wonderful deepening. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


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