Monday, May 4, 2009

The Heartbeat at Janana

On April 30, 2009 Grandmother Drum was joined on the stage by some fabulous djembe drummers including Eyal of the King David Peace Drummers Army as we conducted the Opening Ceremonies of the Janana Festival. It was a beautiful evening with over 250 people gathered at Kibbutz Inbar for the three day festival celebrating the heartbeat that connects us all. An organic pulse of life continued to waft from the hilltop over the local farmlands and everyone seemed in such a joyful and happy mood. The sun was shining and hearts were glowing.  We even received an email from a German woman who in 2001, joined our building team in the tipi in Alaska to assist in the final stretching of the hind onto Grandmother Drum. When she found out we would be in Israel she flew from Germany to be part of the Opening Ceremonies of the Janana Festival. I recognized Andrea instantly and we threw our arms around each other. It had been eight years since we had seen each other in the tipi and hundreds of thousands of miles under my feet.  She  said she had followed our tours all these years hoping someday to see Grandmother Drum again. The weekend was life-changing for Andrea and its great to have her back in our family.

We were also honored to meet many healers, musicians and artists from around the world dedicated to sacred music and the healing it bring us all. We had a chance to meet with one of our hosts Rhonda Joy Eagle and Monica who both have worked as Moon Mothers in a sacred medicine dance known as the Dance of One. This dance was given in vision to a woman named Jean White Eagle who worked with Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) and his work with sacred sound healing chambers. Since the Grandmothers had given me the design of building a sacred sound chamber in Alaska, including all the specs, nearly three years ago, I was excited that I must be connecting with these women for several projects that are becoming ripe to begin.

Also every year during our tours, we hold one or more Portal Activation Ceremonies which I would learn from Rhonda, was similar in some ways to how J ean White Eagle leads the Dance of One.  Knowing that we both received these visions from Spirit, I was very curious and excited to meet Jean. In the last two weeks alone, I have met seven women that have worked together with Jean and one gave me a book just written on the Dance of One. Jean and her husband John have even recently taken the Dance of One to South Africa. So synchronicities abound.  During the festival weekend, Monica, a woman from Mexico with the help of a group of musicians and healers, led a small dance and the power of the healings that took place were beautiful. I was able to assist in the healings and we all felt a deep closeness developing.  These women will be hosting Grandmother Drum in the town of Nahalal next weekend and I have a feeling Spirit is doing some sacred weaving of medicines for work to come.

At the festival we had a chance once again to participate in the Hebrew Friday evening Shabbat’s ceremony, a beautiful night of sacred music and prayer. am even learning some of the Hebrew songs. I keep telling everyone that I may have to move here just for Shabbat as it’s the most sacred space of music I have ever participated in. The waves of love, tears and deep meditation are led by angelic voices in deep praise of the divine. This is true bliss! 

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