Friday, May 8, 2009

Gates of Mercy Open Within

After the three-day Janana Festival we took a few more days of rest and integration at Dvora’s quiet Clil farm. We took walks to pick fresh Sage and even visited Clil beautiful Peace Garden funded by an Australian woman that Dvora said met me in a Sweat Lodge while we toured in Australia in 2003.  What a deeply restful place on the hillside with a rose quartz triangle in the center of the gazebo. I meditated and then asked the Grandmothers about what was happening in my right knee and hip since I have had some swelling since I have been in Israel.  I found it so amazing that the woman who built this was in the very Sweat Lodge where my  Australian Tour Coordinator Amrahla had gone into a Como after an unknown brown snake bite. Was this part of the answer to what was still healing in my cells?

On Wednesday, we hosted an introductory evening on our medicine work for the local families of Dvora’s community. Thirteen of us gathered for the evening.  As we had now been guided to hold a ceremony to vibrationally open the Eastern Gates of Mercy in Jerusalem in June, I had asked the Grandmothers to guide me the night  before in my dreamtime to how to do this.  That night in dream the Grandmothers gave me a meditation with specific tones to open the gates (chakras) of our Inner Temple to wash the body clean, creating within all centers of our being a luminescent state of purity and grace. I shared this for the first time with the Wednesday group, chanting each tone three times together with the HA Breath. WOW!

The Grandmothers were once again perfectly accurate when they told us this HA Breath combined with the tones would activate the Quantum Yin of the heart within each chakra infusing it with this divinely gentle and soft vibration. I then remembered in the Heart of One Lessons how Grandmother Morning Dove called this her “feather soft” breath. This breath could penetrate very, very deeply and heal some of the deepest traumatic memories in the body, in particularly to the terror that lives in the cells from such events.

This technique proved to be extremely potent and all four of our staff when through an intensive healing in the next few days.  In my own cathartic release, it felt I was releasing some deep terror from my cells. Was this from that night in 2003 in Australia with Amrahla? Was I picking up memories of all the wars on this land?  It didn’t matter. I just know I was able to release the energy from my body. The next day I began to understand how valuable this healing salve could become to the people of Israel. Thank you Grandmothers for once again guiding my every step perfectly.

“I am manna. I am the Morning Dove. I ask you to know the manna of the Morning Dove. I ask you to feel the manna of the Morning Dove.  I wish for you to know me.  I wish for you to feel my breath upon your face. I wish for you to know my peace.

I am this very soft breath across your face. With this breath, I touch and realign your spine. I will open the beacon on your crown and it will become soft, like a baby. You will be born again only with this gentle breath.”Grandmother Morning Dove, Heart of One Lesson 3 Part 1 

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