Friday, May 29, 2009

Sea of Galilee

Well I have to tell you a story from the first week of the Israel Tour. Its important now so you can understand the ceremony we are about to do next weekend. During our first week in Israel, after a channel session with a Grandfather Zion, he told us of a special portal to activate at the Sea of Galilee. We plan to activate this sacred spot on June 5-6, 2009 weekend.  He said, "This is our covenant to complete. Place this Holy Arc (the drum) from whence the sea meets the catacombs and we shall rise. "

Our hosts Timna, Noga, Anat and Kochav took us on a journey to the Sea of Galilee to check the location that Grandfather Zion described and where, while in trance, I had seen clearly in my inner sight. Now Indiana Jane and her crew of sisters must go find it. 

The Israeli women were in rare form that morning for a 3 hr drive north, talking and laughing the whole way. It was Anat's birthday and they made her a lovely crown of flowers that she wore on her head. They took John, Tymoreye' and I to a special place on the north of the lake where there is a beautiful cave and an underground river that comes out into the Sea of Galilee. Maybe this was the place where the "catacombs met the sea."  As we parked and walked down some stone stairs to the beach area, I suddenly smelled  frankincense burning, whafting on the light breeze. 

My mind flashed back to a message we received in a session with Grandfather Magi before we left Alaska.

Follow the star to Bethlehem, follow the star in the east. You can smell out the location. You can smell them out. Go sniffing like dogs in my lands for the gold, frankincense and the myrrh."

I suddenly got the feeling come over by body when I am on the trail of one of the Grandmothers or Grandfathers clues. It’s that energy that runs my spine and makes me tingle and I become extra alert and present.

I look to my right and there are a group of Bedouin women sitting by a round stone well. In the center of the women is a very old Grandmother sitting on the rock bench and staring at me. They wave me over. I am feeling strange, but somehow know this is important. I follow the smell of the frankincense.  Since I cannot speak Arabic or Hebrew, Timna follows me and begins to interpret as the old grandmother grabs my hand and stares at me. She is 96 and her eyes are rather mystical as she stares through her cataracts like a looking glass.

 I knell before her and look into her ancient eyes. I suddenly have another flashback to a dream I had before I left Alaska.  In the dream,  I was in some kind of market and a beautiful woman in Middle Eastern dress came up to me, took my hand and with an oil lamp in the other hand guided me to an old grandmother. Sure enough the old grandmother I was kneeling before right now was her! The granddaughter standing next to her was also the younger woman in the dream with the oil lamp! Suddenly I became even more alert because when I woke up from that dream I had months ago, I could not remember exactly what the grandmother had told me. I knew somehow it was an important message. Well it seems like she had come back in my living dream to help me remember! 

My attention comes back to the moment and the grandmother is looking me deep in the eye, holding my hand with her feeble but firm grasp. She is talking on and on to me in Arabic. Her granddaughter interprets in Hebrew to Timna and then Timna tells me in English.

Where is your man she said? ( she seems to know I am not married anymore, but have been told I will meet a man this year.). This question seems a bit strange as my relationship these past ten years have been focused around the Grandmother Drum and the medicine work of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers. I haven't really given too much time to what I want aside from this service and I am surprised that this is my important message!

I then explain to the Bedouin grandmother, that the man for me has not showed up yet. Then as if she knows my mind, she says. "Do you really want to get married?" ( I have been talking about bringing a man back into my life this year) I look into her eyes knowing that she is asking me if I really want what I have saying I want.

I feel the question like an arrow, direct and poignant. I think to myself, "Well yes I guess I have to really want something, not just sort of . So I reply to her" Yes I do."

She then says, "Then stop traveling all over the world to find him. Go back home to your own land and plant your roots and he will come.”

She tells me I must go down the steps to the river flowing into the Sea of Galilee, remove my clothes and cleanse myself in the waters. After that I cannot hug or touch anyone for an hour. Then the ceremony will be complete. We mingle with the women a few more minutes, and then I head on down the stone stairs alone to the river. I am still rather stunned that this is the message I came here for. I expected it to be some great mission of service to the people of Israel with Grandmother Drum. Well I guess maybe it is!

At the end of some kind of spiritual baptism under the waterfall of this river, I find a gold bead shining under the water. I pick it up. It’s a small fruit they call Dimom. I hear a voice inside say take this and eat.

I come out of the river and sit on the rocks where all them women of our group are now gathered. The Bedouin women have come down to the beach with a bowl of these very same fruits and offer them to me.

The fruit is known as “ Eves Apple” and is good for the settling the stomach. The Bedouin women were now laughing and sharing with the Israeli women and Timna told me this exchange is a rare gift.

The granddaughter wanted to tell me that her grandmother had not been to the Sea of Galilee in a very long time. She had told her granddaughter, " We must go today, because there was someone she had to meet at the well. " That someone was me. 

Before we leave, I recall yet another session last fall with the Grandmother Ana Maya saying to me, " Jesus met the women at the well. Go meet the women at the well and she will tell you everything!”  I remembered this line so clearly because it echoed the old Peter Paul and Mary song. The next line of that song felt like my truth today, “ And he told her everything she’d ever done.”

As we drove home and  around the lake  we pass the original site of the town of Bethlehem and I ask Kochav, our driver, what her name actually means. She say’s  it means “ star”. Now it dawns on me the repeated phrase the Grandmothers and Grandfathers kept giving us about the work here in Israel.  “Follow the star  in the east, follow the star to Bethlehem!” 

So here we are in yet another amazing day of synchronicity with Indiana Jane and the crew at the Sea of Galilee!

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