Sunday, May 31, 2009

Journey to Center of the Universe

Oreit Angel and I spent four hours in the tunnels on the Western Wall in the Holy City of Jerusalem 
this week, meditating and recording the incredible sound of the vortex beneath the Foundation StoneThis vortex is considered the Center of the Universe under the Western Wall of the original Solomon's Temple.  From a serious of synchronistic meetings that day,
 the spot where I am standing in the photo is where Grandmother Drum will have special permission to play at dawn on LIVE H20 weekend June 21, 2009.
With me in one photo is a man that took our tickets by the door. After we exited the tunnels, he came up to me, seeing how I spent so much time in meditation/chanting and saw immediately that I was on some sacred mission here. So he  looked around to see if anyone was watching him and then waved me to follow him. He said he had something special to share with me ( though he was not suppose to bring me there) and brought me to the NEW excavation site of the MIKVE (no one is allowed here at this point) where the sacred purifying waters are surfacing. He said to me "the archaeologists are not sure where this water is coming from."
This MIKVE had held the waters where the temple priests would purify themselves before entering Solomons Temple into the "Holy of Holies" ( where the Arc of the Covenant was said to be kept). I felt like saying to the guard, "Well, we all know where the water is coming from!". I couldn't help but feel that Spirit was guiding me here and asking me to bath myself and purify before bring the Grandmother Drum down here on June 21st to activate and amplify this amazing planetary vortex. The guard allowed me to bless myself with the healing waters of the Mitzvah and take some in a small bottle with me. WOW !!! Humanity is becoming a Holy Temple and is rising up in consciousness. This is the time prophesied indeed! Prophecy below.
 -Indiana Jane on the trail in Jerusalem
In the Old Testament it is written that the Jewish Messiah will come into the Old City from the Mt. of Olives, riding on a donkey through the Eastern Gate and he will bring the thousand years of peace.  When this would happen, water would begin to flow for the first time from under the Temple. (today's Dome of the Rock or Temple Mount is built over the original site of Solomon’s Temple where the Ark of the Covenant  is said to have been housed).
On June 19-21, 2009 Grandmother Drum will hold ceremonies from the Mt of Olives, Eastern Gates, under the Western Wall, on the Temple Mount and at Jaffa Gate to activate and awaken the consciousness of  this vortex. To join us read more on the schedule at to

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sea of Galilee

Well I have to tell you a story from the first week of the Israel Tour. Its important now so you can understand the ceremony we are about to do next weekend. During our first week in Israel, after a channel session with a Grandfather Zion, he told us of a special portal to activate at the Sea of Galilee. We plan to activate this sacred spot on June 5-6, 2009 weekend.  He said, "This is our covenant to complete. Place this Holy Arc (the drum) from whence the sea meets the catacombs and we shall rise. "

Our hosts Timna, Noga, Anat and Kochav took us on a journey to the Sea of Galilee to check the location that Grandfather Zion described and where, while in trance, I had seen clearly in my inner sight. Now Indiana Jane and her crew of sisters must go find it. 

The Israeli women were in rare form that morning for a 3 hr drive north, talking and laughing the whole way. It was Anat's birthday and they made her a lovely crown of flowers that she wore on her head. They took John, Tymoreye' and I to a special place on the north of the lake where there is a beautiful cave and an underground river that comes out into the Sea of Galilee. Maybe this was the place where the "catacombs met the sea."  As we parked and walked down some stone stairs to the beach area, I suddenly smelled  frankincense burning, whafting on the light breeze. 

My mind flashed back to a message we received in a session with Grandfather Magi before we left Alaska.

Follow the star to Bethlehem, follow the star in the east. You can smell out the location. You can smell them out. Go sniffing like dogs in my lands for the gold, frankincense and the myrrh."

I suddenly got the feeling come over by body when I am on the trail of one of the Grandmothers or Grandfathers clues. It’s that energy that runs my spine and makes me tingle and I become extra alert and present.

I look to my right and there are a group of Bedouin women sitting by a round stone well. In the center of the women is a very old Grandmother sitting on the rock bench and staring at me. They wave me over. I am feeling strange, but somehow know this is important. I follow the smell of the frankincense.  Since I cannot speak Arabic or Hebrew, Timna follows me and begins to interpret as the old grandmother grabs my hand and stares at me. She is 96 and her eyes are rather mystical as she stares through her cataracts like a looking glass.

 I knell before her and look into her ancient eyes. I suddenly have another flashback to a dream I had before I left Alaska.  In the dream,  I was in some kind of market and a beautiful woman in Middle Eastern dress came up to me, took my hand and with an oil lamp in the other hand guided me to an old grandmother. Sure enough the old grandmother I was kneeling before right now was her! The granddaughter standing next to her was also the younger woman in the dream with the oil lamp! Suddenly I became even more alert because when I woke up from that dream I had months ago, I could not remember exactly what the grandmother had told me. I knew somehow it was an important message. Well it seems like she had come back in my living dream to help me remember! 

My attention comes back to the moment and the grandmother is looking me deep in the eye, holding my hand with her feeble but firm grasp. She is talking on and on to me in Arabic. Her granddaughter interprets in Hebrew to Timna and then Timna tells me in English.

Where is your man she said? ( she seems to know I am not married anymore, but have been told I will meet a man this year.). This question seems a bit strange as my relationship these past ten years have been focused around the Grandmother Drum and the medicine work of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers. I haven't really given too much time to what I want aside from this service and I am surprised that this is my important message!

I then explain to the Bedouin grandmother, that the man for me has not showed up yet. Then as if she knows my mind, she says. "Do you really want to get married?" ( I have been talking about bringing a man back into my life this year) I look into her eyes knowing that she is asking me if I really want what I have saying I want.

I feel the question like an arrow, direct and poignant. I think to myself, "Well yes I guess I have to really want something, not just sort of . So I reply to her" Yes I do."

She then says, "Then stop traveling all over the world to find him. Go back home to your own land and plant your roots and he will come.”

She tells me I must go down the steps to the river flowing into the Sea of Galilee, remove my clothes and cleanse myself in the waters. After that I cannot hug or touch anyone for an hour. Then the ceremony will be complete. We mingle with the women a few more minutes, and then I head on down the stone stairs alone to the river. I am still rather stunned that this is the message I came here for. I expected it to be some great mission of service to the people of Israel with Grandmother Drum. Well I guess maybe it is!

At the end of some kind of spiritual baptism under the waterfall of this river, I find a gold bead shining under the water. I pick it up. It’s a small fruit they call Dimom. I hear a voice inside say take this and eat.

I come out of the river and sit on the rocks where all them women of our group are now gathered. The Bedouin women have come down to the beach with a bowl of these very same fruits and offer them to me.

The fruit is known as “ Eves Apple” and is good for the settling the stomach. The Bedouin women were now laughing and sharing with the Israeli women and Timna told me this exchange is a rare gift.

The granddaughter wanted to tell me that her grandmother had not been to the Sea of Galilee in a very long time. She had told her granddaughter, " We must go today, because there was someone she had to meet at the well. " That someone was me. 

Before we leave, I recall yet another session last fall with the Grandmother Ana Maya saying to me, " Jesus met the women at the well. Go meet the women at the well and she will tell you everything!”  I remembered this line so clearly because it echoed the old Peter Paul and Mary song. The next line of that song felt like my truth today, “ And he told her everything she’d ever done.”

As we drove home and  around the lake  we pass the original site of the town of Bethlehem and I ask Kochav, our driver, what her name actually means. She say’s  it means “ star”. Now it dawns on me the repeated phrase the Grandmothers and Grandfathers kept giving us about the work here in Israel.  “Follow the star  in the east, follow the star to Bethlehem!” 

So here we are in yet another amazing day of synchronicity with Indiana Jane and the crew at the Sea of Galilee!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Power at the Heart of Grace

On May 16, 2009 twenty five women and men gathered for a full day workshop Power at the Heart of the Medicine Wheel with Grandmother Drum in Qadima, Israel.

We shared teachings of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers about the attunement of the Light Body and the importance of being our own note in the music of the Uni-Verse. As the Grandmothers and Grandfathers teach us about the new octave coming into Mother Earth from the Sun and the center of the Milky Way, human consciousness is taking a quantum leap.  To go through this deep transformation consciously, they have given us detailed instructions on cleansing and purifying the body, the emotions (the waters) the mind and the spirit and reminding us of the correct Human Design of Energy of our vehicle, the sacred temple of the body we have been given. (For more information on the complete instructions and teachings of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers to date go to:

The Language of One online course:

During the day, we underwent two sound attunements to prepare for the Prismatic Fire Light Body journey with Grandmother Drum. The most recent sound attunement was given to me in a dream a week ago in Clil, Israel. The Grandmothers came in the dream and I asked them, " How to we open the Gate of Grace in Jerusalem?"

They instructed me to teach everyone to use the Ha Breath before an after tuning each chakra or energy center through the vowel sounds. The Grandmothers and Grandfathers called this the Gate of Grace or Gate of Mercy Meditation. This expands and deepens the work of Ho'oponopono, and the Ha Breath we bring to Israel from our work in Hawaii in March and gives Israeli's a Golden Key for opening the Gates of Mercy. This technique has been a profound combination to assist each one of us to take responsibility of our piece of the peace work for Israel. We will culminate this work in the Holy City on July 19, 2009, bringing Grandmother Drum to energetically open the Gates of Mercy. See our newsletter for dates and details at:

The 2009 Israel Tour has been named  Mayim H'ayim, LIVE WATER, to continue our work since 2006 as the new Marianna waters of the Mother Earth break open and begin the birth of a new humanity. We have been focused on bringing together the  Universal Solvent of Water together with the Universal Language of Music ( in particular the 528 hertz of Grandmother Drum) to produce the Universal Healer "Love" and infuse it in all Mother Earth's waters including our bodies which are 80% water..We are deepening our knowledge of the healing power of Water as we realize that the word mercy in the Hebrew language translates to " womb or spirit of the water." The healing waters, our tears and our emotions are the gateway to mercy and grace in our world.

Our Israel Tour Coordinator and Elder, Dvora Pearlmen says it best,
"There is one clear way we know our heart has opened. Only if the heart is touched deeply and opens, then our tears (the waters) will always flow from our eyes."

In the upcoming ceremonies here in Israeli we are focusing on giving this Golden Key method to open this Gate of Grace in Israel. This will culminate in the LIVE H20 Concert for the Living Waters televised live with Grandmother Drum  activating the Holy City on June 19th 
(Gates of Mercy) and June 21, 2009 (Jaffa Gate). For more details on LIVE H20, go to For more details on the Israel Tour schedule go to:
Watch the Video below: Ah Ha Va (Love)

All Jobs in the Qadima Forest

On May 14, 2009 the staff of All JOBS, the largest employment firm in Israel, gathered in the forest of Qadima for a special private Prayerformance with Grandmother Drum. White Eagle, Tymoreye and John were welcomed by All Jobs Director, Revital Hendler who has been instrumental in supporting the Grandmother Drum's 2009 Israel Tour.  Since the Grandmother Drum was a surprise for the staff, everyone opened the crate together and welcomed the gift for the celebration...Grandmother Drum.

I shared with the staff how important it is at this unprecedented time that we support people in finding the work that they truly love. If everyone did only the work they loved, the world would transform overnight! Grandmother Drum brought to them the potent power of  heart in remembering to live the life you love. Over eighty staff danced and sang as the sun went down in the Qadima Forest. I am thrilled when someone takes the microphone and leads the group with Hebrew songs. I have learned a few now and I am determined to learn at least six Hebrew songs before we leave Israel. Thanks again to Revital and Alex for all the work it took in bringing us all together!

Friday, May 8, 2009

In the Olive Trees of Peace

On May 7, 2009 we made our way on the road again, this time to the oldest settlement in Israel, Nahalal.  Compared to most

 of our world tours, the travel here between communities seems minimal as the country is only 800 kilometers in length.  Israeli’s are stunned when we tell them we are from Alaska and that it’s so big it could fit 73 Israelis in it! Oh vey!

We met our hosts, Rhonda Joy Eagle and her friends Varda and Yoav place who have an amazing garden named " soil and Soul" with over 600 medicine plants.  Tonight we would host a special ceremonial Prayerformance between two olive trees holding a sacred stone circle of power.

The garden is built in the shape of a human man and has seven chakra of gardens. Tonight Grandmother Drum would activate the Base Chakra (feet) of the gardens, opening a new vibration of our luminous body into the body of Israel.

Varda reminded me of the Old Testament story of how the olive branch in the mouth of the dove became the symbol of peace for Israel and the world. It’s the story of Noah and the flood and how Noah sends the white dove out to see if there was land anywhere.  The dove returns the first time with nothing. He sends the dove a second time in another direction and again the dove returns with nothing. The third time the dove is released, it returns with an olive branch in its mouth. It told Noah there was a new land to begin their new life. Somehow this seems so symbolic. I reflect on how, even now, Grandmother Morning Dove is whispering to us from this place too.

At 6pm, Yoav  towed Grandmother Drum ‘s trailer to the gardens with his John Deere tractor. Sixty passionate family gathered for an evening of ceremony, prayer, healing and renewal. I love watching their faces of the Israelis, especially the children as we opened the crate and they get to unwrap the love present of Grandmother Drum.  We have been telling the Israeli people that the whole world is watching Israel and that we were brought here with Grandmother Drum to assist in strengthen them on the path of heart to usher the world into the thousand years of peace.

After a month of ceremonies its becoming tradition here for the Israelis to sing

 Grandmother Drum out of her crate, off the trailer and onto the land with a Hebrew Rainbow Tribe song.  I love singing it with them again and again watching as they sing it louder and louder, clapping their hands and lifting Grandmother Drum over their heads and onto this Holy Land. Some people even commented at the last festival (without knowing about our research)  that when they carried Grandmother Drum that they felt like they were carrying the Ark of the Covenant! As the nearly full moon shines through the draping olive branches,

  I have a  intense moment of heighten awareness and get “Spirit Chills.”   I know deep within me that somehow what we are creating together here in Israel with Grandmother Drum’s pure crystal tone on these sacred sites is something so spiritually momentous. After eight years of touring across the world, the journey here seems a palatable turning point.  We seem to be making the shift now from the Hopi prophesized time of Purification or Biblical Tribulation into Revelations, the spiritual awakening of a Divine Humanity.  Or maybe its just what’s happened within me over these years. Suddenly, I am whisked back to the moment by the song and I join in passionately.

Adama Veshamaim  (earth and sky)                                                                        

Ch’om Haesh Tzlil Hamain      (the heat of the fire, the sounds of the waters)                    

Ani Margish Zot Begufi            ( I feel this in my body)                                                              

Beruhi Benishmati                        (spirit and soul)

Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Ho                                                           

Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Ho       

Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Ho

During the ceremony we gifted Yoav and Varda a medicine bundle of blue corn seed given to us by the Maya during our extensive 2007 Eagle and Jaguar Tour from Alaska to Guatemala.  As we take our first steps of our luminous bodies from the base chakra of this Garden of Eden, we are told by the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the importance of pure super foods to feed the Light Body. We shared how important corn is to our indigenous peoples and how on the 2007 tour we worked to preserve this original seed corn from the threats of genetic modification (GMO).  On that tour we were able to bring the original seed from both the Tarahumara tribe of Mexico and the Maya of Central America to be preserved with three major seed banks in America and Canada.

The evening in the olive grove culminated with everyone joining in their own verses of the Gratitude Song. Some women and men made very ethereal sounds and it as if they were channeling the very voices of the garden divas. The night ended with our group smiling widely in a divine drunkenness  (what I have repeatedly termed as that “Grandmother Drum Glow.”) The Israeli’s then led us in an encore of sacred Hebrew chants.  Tonight we are one in the Garden of Eden. Toda, Toda, Toda raba ( thank you, thank you, thank you very much!) Lila Tov (good night).

On May 9, 2oo9 we shared a one day workshops with sound, breath and medicine wheel teachings to strengthen the Light Shield of the Heart. Thanks to our hosts for a wonderful deepening. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


Gates of Mercy Open Within

After the three-day Janana Festival we took a few more days of rest and integration at Dvora’s quiet Clil farm. We took walks to pick fresh Sage and even visited Clil beautiful Peace Garden funded by an Australian woman that Dvora said met me in a Sweat Lodge while we toured in Australia in 2003.  What a deeply restful place on the hillside with a rose quartz triangle in the center of the gazebo. I meditated and then asked the Grandmothers about what was happening in my right knee and hip since I have had some swelling since I have been in Israel.  I found it so amazing that the woman who built this was in the very Sweat Lodge where my  Australian Tour Coordinator Amrahla had gone into a Como after an unknown brown snake bite. Was this part of the answer to what was still healing in my cells?

On Wednesday, we hosted an introductory evening on our medicine work for the local families of Dvora’s community. Thirteen of us gathered for the evening.  As we had now been guided to hold a ceremony to vibrationally open the Eastern Gates of Mercy in Jerusalem in June, I had asked the Grandmothers to guide me the night  before in my dreamtime to how to do this.  That night in dream the Grandmothers gave me a meditation with specific tones to open the gates (chakras) of our Inner Temple to wash the body clean, creating within all centers of our being a luminescent state of purity and grace. I shared this for the first time with the Wednesday group, chanting each tone three times together with the HA Breath. WOW!

The Grandmothers were once again perfectly accurate when they told us this HA Breath combined with the tones would activate the Quantum Yin of the heart within each chakra infusing it with this divinely gentle and soft vibration. I then remembered in the Heart of One Lessons how Grandmother Morning Dove called this her “feather soft” breath. This breath could penetrate very, very deeply and heal some of the deepest traumatic memories in the body, in particularly to the terror that lives in the cells from such events.

This technique proved to be extremely potent and all four of our staff when through an intensive healing in the next few days.  In my own cathartic release, it felt I was releasing some deep terror from my cells. Was this from that night in 2003 in Australia with Amrahla? Was I picking up memories of all the wars on this land?  It didn’t matter. I just know I was able to release the energy from my body. The next day I began to understand how valuable this healing salve could become to the people of Israel. Thank you Grandmothers for once again guiding my every step perfectly.

“I am manna. I am the Morning Dove. I ask you to know the manna of the Morning Dove. I ask you to feel the manna of the Morning Dove.  I wish for you to know me.  I wish for you to feel my breath upon your face. I wish for you to know my peace.

I am this very soft breath across your face. With this breath, I touch and realign your spine. I will open the beacon on your crown and it will become soft, like a baby. You will be born again only with this gentle breath.”Grandmother Morning Dove, Heart of One Lesson 3 Part 1 

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Heartbeat at Janana

On April 30, 2009 Grandmother Drum was joined on the stage by some fabulous djembe drummers including Eyal of the King David Peace Drummers Army as we conducted the Opening Ceremonies of the Janana Festival. It was a beautiful evening with over 250 people gathered at Kibbutz Inbar for the three day festival celebrating the heartbeat that connects us all. An organic pulse of life continued to waft from the hilltop over the local farmlands and everyone seemed in such a joyful and happy mood. The sun was shining and hearts were glowing.  We even received an email from a German woman who in 2001, joined our building team in the tipi in Alaska to assist in the final stretching of the hind onto Grandmother Drum. When she found out we would be in Israel she flew from Germany to be part of the Opening Ceremonies of the Janana Festival. I recognized Andrea instantly and we threw our arms around each other. It had been eight years since we had seen each other in the tipi and hundreds of thousands of miles under my feet.  She  said she had followed our tours all these years hoping someday to see Grandmother Drum again. The weekend was life-changing for Andrea and its great to have her back in our family.

We were also honored to meet many healers, musicians and artists from around the world dedicated to sacred music and the healing it bring us all. We had a chance to meet with one of our hosts Rhonda Joy Eagle and Monica who both have worked as Moon Mothers in a sacred medicine dance known as the Dance of One. This dance was given in vision to a woman named Jean White Eagle who worked with Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) and his work with sacred sound healing chambers. Since the Grandmothers had given me the design of building a sacred sound chamber in Alaska, including all the specs, nearly three years ago, I was excited that I must be connecting with these women for several projects that are becoming ripe to begin.

Also every year during our tours, we hold one or more Portal Activation Ceremonies which I would learn from Rhonda, was similar in some ways to how J ean White Eagle leads the Dance of One.  Knowing that we both received these visions from Spirit, I was very curious and excited to meet Jean. In the last two weeks alone, I have met seven women that have worked together with Jean and one gave me a book just written on the Dance of One. Jean and her husband John have even recently taken the Dance of One to South Africa. So synchronicities abound.  During the festival weekend, Monica, a woman from Mexico with the help of a group of musicians and healers, led a small dance and the power of the healings that took place were beautiful. I was able to assist in the healings and we all felt a deep closeness developing.  These women will be hosting Grandmother Drum in the town of Nahalal next weekend and I have a feeling Spirit is doing some sacred weaving of medicines for work to come.

At the festival we had a chance once again to participate in the Hebrew Friday evening Shabbat’s ceremony, a beautiful night of sacred music and prayer. am even learning some of the Hebrew songs. I keep telling everyone that I may have to move here just for Shabbat as it’s the most sacred space of music I have ever participated in. The waves of love, tears and deep meditation are led by angelic voices in deep praise of the divine. This is true bliss! 

Check out the article on Janana at:,7340,L-3703707,00.html


Sunday, May 3, 2009

White Gold Rush in Clil

After our weekend workshop and ceremony in Yavnee’l  was completed we were picked up by our new driver Mufid who would be carrying us and Grandmother Drum over the hills to the Kibbutz Inbar where next weekend we will conduct the opening ceremonies for the Janana Festival.  Each site that hosts us sends ahead the truck to haul the trailer with the Grandmother Drum and bring our crew of  three (John, Tymoreye’ and I ) to our next location while our Israel host Dvora follows behind in her small car  named“ Rita”. We will be opening the three-day world drumming and dance festival uniting  over three hundred drummers in the heartbeat of Oneness.

Located at the top one of the beautiful rolling hills of the valley, Kibbutz Inbar was a perfect setting to send out Grandmother’s healing vibration through the valley known to be the most fertile farmland in Israel. After settling Grandmother Drum near the staging area, we headed further north with Dvora in her car to first spend  a few days of rest and renewal at her quaint farm in Clil. Her wooden home set on seven acres of fruit, herb and vegetable gardens reminded us of so much of homesteads in Alaska. Homes made of wood are unusual in Israel and Egypt. Due to the extreme heat of summers, most people build their homes of stone and concrete.

Eating fresh fruit of loquats, strawberries and lemons off the trees, harvesting fresh herbs and vegetables for dinner each night and viewing the Mediterranean from this hillside allowed us to breath deeply and drink in the quiet stillness of this land.

After a few days of rest we met about our upcoming Israel Tour Schedule and all the recent invitations that continue to request our work. Living on the farm

 with Dvora is her son Hanaan and friend Yael. Yael would be helping organize a weekend in Clil in June so we decided to all meet.  We decided to do a group Spirit Walk Sessions with the Grandmothers and Grandfathers  so we could get their guidance on the upcoming medicine work. What was given to us in the next two hours with Grandfather Sheyba was a deepening of the message received  from him during our weekend in Yavnee’l.

He talked about the importance of activating three main locations in Israel. He spoke about energetically opening all gates of the Holy City and asked Dvora if she knew  how many gates there really were. He gave details about  activating  the Old City of Jerusalem at least three times   Since Dvora has done peace work in the Holy City for over ten years, she asked him more detailed questions about the instructions.   He told her of  the nine gates into the Holy City and he particularly wanted us to energetically open the now closed Eastern Gate, known as the Gate of Mercy to the Hebrews and to the Christians as the Golden Gate. The word Mercy in Hebrew is Ra Hamim. The meaning of the word translates into womb(s), or the smell or spirit of water. This is another powerful message and confirms the guidance of  our 2008 and 2009 Living Water World Tours as well as the Grandmother's coursework focused on the purification of our emotions, of the earth’s waters and opening the birth waters of a new humanity. Everything is making now making more sense. Then Dvora tells us the story of the Eastern Gate from the Old Testament which confirms this work even more.

The Eastern Gate  was closed a thousand years ago by a Muslim ruler who was advised that in the Old and New Testament it is written that the Jewish Messiah will come into the Old City from the Mt. of Olives, riding on a donkey through the Eastern Gate and he will bring the thousand years of peace. It was understood that it would be a Jewish Messiah.  When this would happen, water would begin to flow for the first time from under the Temple Mount. (the Temple Mount is built over the original site of Solomon’s Temple where the Ark of the Covenant  is said to have been housed). To prevent this from happening , the Muslim ruler sealed these gates. A mosque was then built on the inside of the gate and a cemetery was built on the outside. The Eastern Gate is closed to this day. 

Then Dvora shares with us her deeper understanding of Jerusalem.

“Just like the heart has four quarters or chambers so does the Holy City. Whenever we look at the Holy City of Jer

usalem we see it as the microcosm reflected in the heart of the whole of the world. The Gates are like the arteries and veins of the heart. The main gate, the Eastern Gate, the Gates of Mercy are now closed and blocked. The Eastern gate represents the male and it also represents all the connection of the East to the West. So with it blocked or closed, there is not a good flow between the East and West between the Male aspect of the Global Heart and the Female Aspect. Opening the Gates of Mercy then, is a message to the world to open the gateway  for the flow of world peace. “

Now with all the additional information from Grandfather Sheyba, we begin the plans for at least three activations of Grandmother Drum around the Holy City, including a ceremony at the area of the Eastern Gate .

In addition, Grandfather Sheyba spoke more about the new food, the manna recipe he gave us in Yavnee’l and how this must be taken to feed the new Light Body.  He kept speaking about the manna and the Ark of the Covenant. Now I was filled with even more questions.

What was the Ark of the Covenant really?  How come the Bible speaks about the Ark emitting a “Fire of God?” What is this Light? What role did sound and vibration play in the coming down of the Walls of Jericho? What does Grandmother Drum have to do with all of this and why were we  brought here to sound the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem near the Temple Mount? And what about the miraculous stories of this mysterious white powder of manna linked to levitation, teleportation and communication with God? How is that connected to the Ark of the Covenant and the Messiah?

So after the session. I hopped on the Internet and began googling to see if I could find some links. To my utter amazement,  I was brought immediately  to a one and a half hour video that would put together the answers to all my questions and all the channeled information I had received from the Grandmothers and Grandfathers for the last ten years!!!  Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark video shows author Lawrence Gardner sharing the documented research of his recent book of the same title.  The recent ( in the last  five years) rediscovery of  the power of monatomic gold or white powder gold known as manna in the Bible, Mufkzt to the Egyptian Pharaohs and the Philosophers Stone to the Greek alchemists will change our reality of life on earth forever.  After watching this film I am utterly speechless and in tears.  The potential of this is staggering and shatters everything we have known up until now. Get ready for revelation beyond revelation as the truths of how, in our lifetime, humanity on earth will travel far beyond all of the science fiction movies of this era!

This is Indiana Jane speaking to you on the trail of the Lightworkers ….Clil, Israel.