Sunday, May 17, 2009

Power at the Heart of Grace

On May 16, 2009 twenty five women and men gathered for a full day workshop Power at the Heart of the Medicine Wheel with Grandmother Drum in Qadima, Israel.

We shared teachings of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers about the attunement of the Light Body and the importance of being our own note in the music of the Uni-Verse. As the Grandmothers and Grandfathers teach us about the new octave coming into Mother Earth from the Sun and the center of the Milky Way, human consciousness is taking a quantum leap.  To go through this deep transformation consciously, they have given us detailed instructions on cleansing and purifying the body, the emotions (the waters) the mind and the spirit and reminding us of the correct Human Design of Energy of our vehicle, the sacred temple of the body we have been given. (For more information on the complete instructions and teachings of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers to date go to:

The Language of One online course:

During the day, we underwent two sound attunements to prepare for the Prismatic Fire Light Body journey with Grandmother Drum. The most recent sound attunement was given to me in a dream a week ago in Clil, Israel. The Grandmothers came in the dream and I asked them, " How to we open the Gate of Grace in Jerusalem?"

They instructed me to teach everyone to use the Ha Breath before an after tuning each chakra or energy center through the vowel sounds. The Grandmothers and Grandfathers called this the Gate of Grace or Gate of Mercy Meditation. This expands and deepens the work of Ho'oponopono, and the Ha Breath we bring to Israel from our work in Hawaii in March and gives Israeli's a Golden Key for opening the Gates of Mercy. This technique has been a profound combination to assist each one of us to take responsibility of our piece of the peace work for Israel. We will culminate this work in the Holy City on July 19, 2009, bringing Grandmother Drum to energetically open the Gates of Mercy. See our newsletter for dates and details at:

The 2009 Israel Tour has been named  Mayim H'ayim, LIVE WATER, to continue our work since 2006 as the new Marianna waters of the Mother Earth break open and begin the birth of a new humanity. We have been focused on bringing together the  Universal Solvent of Water together with the Universal Language of Music ( in particular the 528 hertz of Grandmother Drum) to produce the Universal Healer "Love" and infuse it in all Mother Earth's waters including our bodies which are 80% water..We are deepening our knowledge of the healing power of Water as we realize that the word mercy in the Hebrew language translates to " womb or spirit of the water." The healing waters, our tears and our emotions are the gateway to mercy and grace in our world.

Our Israel Tour Coordinator and Elder, Dvora Pearlmen says it best,
"There is one clear way we know our heart has opened. Only if the heart is touched deeply and opens, then our tears (the waters) will always flow from our eyes."

In the upcoming ceremonies here in Israeli we are focusing on giving this Golden Key method to open this Gate of Grace in Israel. This will culminate in the LIVE H20 Concert for the Living Waters televised live with Grandmother Drum  activating the Holy City on June 19th 
(Gates of Mercy) and June 21, 2009 (Jaffa Gate). For more details on LIVE H20, go to For more details on the Israel Tour schedule go to:
Watch the Video below: Ah Ha Va (Love)

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