Sunday, May 31, 2009

Journey to Center of the Universe

Oreit Angel and I spent four hours in the tunnels on the Western Wall in the Holy City of Jerusalem 
this week, meditating and recording the incredible sound of the vortex beneath the Foundation StoneThis vortex is considered the Center of the Universe under the Western Wall of the original Solomon's Temple.  From a serious of synchronistic meetings that day,
 the spot where I am standing in the photo is where Grandmother Drum will have special permission to play at dawn on LIVE H20 weekend June 21, 2009.
With me in one photo is a man that took our tickets by the door. After we exited the tunnels, he came up to me, seeing how I spent so much time in meditation/chanting and saw immediately that I was on some sacred mission here. So he  looked around to see if anyone was watching him and then waved me to follow him. He said he had something special to share with me ( though he was not suppose to bring me there) and brought me to the NEW excavation site of the MIKVE (no one is allowed here at this point) where the sacred purifying waters are surfacing. He said to me "the archaeologists are not sure where this water is coming from."
This MIKVE had held the waters where the temple priests would purify themselves before entering Solomons Temple into the "Holy of Holies" ( where the Arc of the Covenant was said to be kept). I felt like saying to the guard, "Well, we all know where the water is coming from!". I couldn't help but feel that Spirit was guiding me here and asking me to bath myself and purify before bring the Grandmother Drum down here on June 21st to activate and amplify this amazing planetary vortex. The guard allowed me to bless myself with the healing waters of the Mitzvah and take some in a small bottle with me. WOW !!! Humanity is becoming a Holy Temple and is rising up in consciousness. This is the time prophesied indeed! Prophecy below.
 -Indiana Jane on the trail in Jerusalem
In the Old Testament it is written that the Jewish Messiah will come into the Old City from the Mt. of Olives, riding on a donkey through the Eastern Gate and he will bring the thousand years of peace.  When this would happen, water would begin to flow for the first time from under the Temple. (today's Dome of the Rock or Temple Mount is built over the original site of Solomon’s Temple where the Ark of the Covenant  is said to have been housed).
On June 19-21, 2009 Grandmother Drum will hold ceremonies from the Mt of Olives, Eastern Gates, under the Western Wall, on the Temple Mount and at Jaffa Gate to activate and awaken the consciousness of  this vortex. To join us read more on the schedule at to

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