Monday, July 6, 2009


Grandmother Drum closed her 2009 Mayim Hayim (LIVE WATER) Israel Tour at the Desert Ashram in the south of Israel on June 25-27, 2009 the very location of the very first ceremony at the beginning of April. We all gathered at the Festival of the Heart Song and then completed the third Portal Ceremony in the primordial desert in Timna, Israel. Each time we have done the water ceremonies and songs, unexpected rain has come to parts of Israel, a very rare occurrence indeed this time of year. During our Portal Ceremonies in June at the Sea of Galilee, a river that had been dry for many years started running again and in another area further north an aquifer was discovered. We are happy to create this collective prayer for the LIVING WATERS and to be a part of the everyday miracles they create AHO!.

Grandmother Drum held the opening ceremonies to the Festival of the Heart Song and even in the rising desert heat of nearly 40C, our family rocked, sang and danced in Grandmothers Living beat of Oneness. We were able to host the third Gate of Grace Meditation, the one we received earlier in the Tour in Clil, Israel.

Later in the weekend, Grandmother Drum received the honored invitation to play with the Friday evening Shabbats Ceremony with many, many talented musicians and an audience devoted to the sacred music of Shabbats.  Since my first visit to Israel last year, I have been in love with the devotional music of Shabbats and it was certainly the closing exclamation point of the tour for me to be able to light the Shabbats candles (which honors the descending presence of the sacred Feminine Shehkinah at sundown Friday) and play the soothing pulse of Grandmother Drum with the beautiful Hebrew Chants I had learned during the tour.

Then at 4am we headed on to Timna to do a sunrise Portal Ceremony to complete the assignments of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers and to activate this sacred vortex.  Timna is known for UFO sigtings. The landscape surely was straight out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and that is exactly what we experienced! We were ushed in by the Hathor billboard statues at Timna Park and the rest, well, you had to be there!

We had an amazing day of personal and planetary healings and many visitations at the Portal and in our dreams in the days after. Wait to you see the videos!


We extended our LIVE WATER Israel Tour to complete over 22 tracks of water chants from around the world for our new LIVE WATER CD!

This was recorded in THE MOST RESONATE water cistern under the Holy City of Jerusalem very close to the Holy of Holies! The production should be finished by Sept 1, 2009. Many thanks to the talented recording artists that joined us and will be featured:White Eagle Medicine Woman Carlie Fairburn,, Aliza Hava,, Nikki Williams,, Dvora Pearlman,, Eliana Gilad, and Ruben Von Den Breck,

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