Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jerusalem Hug and LIVE H20 Weekend!

The Heartbeat of Love Drum Wave with Grandmother Drum and crystal bowls set the global 528  pulse at 4pm Israel time under the hot sun at the Jaffa Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem joined by over 30 venues worldwide. I welcomed thousands around the world through Livestream TV. Grandmother Drum was encircled by hundreds holding hands including Israelis, Egyptians, Palestinians, Americans, Canadians, Japanese, Russians, Africans and countless family from all over Europe ( to name a few!). All in all we had between 500 people who joined in the Jerusalem events. In our " Hug Around Jerusalem" ( ) people made a huge chain holding hands for unity and peace of all nations, religions and cultures from the Jaffa gate all the way to the Damacus Gate of the Old City. Later that evening, I saw several Israeli women crying with overwhelming joy as they watched Palestinians and Israeli youth join together to drum and dance and celebrate ( you have to understand how monumental this is!). The Global Prayer for the Living Waters was said by all in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
The response all night long was that participants felt so much love, gratitude and warmth from each other and all facilitators. Everyone sang and played Grandmother Drum singing Hebrew, Arabic, African and  Native American chants until midnight!  Our team all gave huge amounts of  time and dedication to make it a huge success. ( Special thanks to Shai, Amit, Dvora, Rob, Eliana, Helen,  and many more more.)
We are so over the top grateful and in love with one another!!! This event of coming together in The Jerusalem Hug as lovers of the Holy City with the Heartbeat of Grandmother Drum to activate the Living Waters of one of THE MOST POWERFUL PORTALS in the WORLD ( The HOLY OF HOLIES FOUNDATION STONE) was beyond beyond!  

We even had coverage from the Associated Press and local Israeli TV and newspapers. And to top it off we had wonderful hugs and support from the Police and Municipality! 
WE ALL DID THIS WITH ONE THING.............. LOVE AND GRATITUDE. (Its definitely contagious!)
To read the newspaper article in Hebrew go to:

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